Thursday, September 17, 2015


Thursday September 17, 2015 7:27 am

It seems that, at least for me, few things in life turn out how they were planned.

Apparently one of the very few things I have tried doing that thus far has succeeded has to do with this blog: e.g., not writing on this blog on specific anniversaries or dates that I have made important in my heart and (or) mind.

So, those now being over I am free to write again as I choose, at least until another date comes up, and during the fall season they come quickly and one on top of another. Until such time, perhaps I will see more often the few of you who still still stop by to see if I have written any more nonsense :)

I started to write that I'm off for the next five days, then I decided I would need to clarify that statement just a bit. In reality I'm off (and have been for many years) all the time: i.e., abnormal, daff, etc. it is just that I will not be reporting to work over the course of the next five days.

Until I write again I bid each of you a fond adieu. (I was going to just write, 'until next time." Then I thought, if I use a French word here it might make it appear that I'm smart? Of course, for any who reads this and might know me they would know better. However, for those who do not know me at least I can hopefully deceive them... fingers crossed.)

Keeping with that same thought of faking smarts, "Adios amigos." I know, I know... three, non-English words in one blog! Seriously, sometimes I amaze my own self.