Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Monday June 30, 2015 9:09 am

Today marks the 21st. year of my being an Ovo-lacto vegetarian. (As an aside, I really don't like that word, especially in print after I just typed it... ovo-lacto, it sort of looks disgusting in black-and-white.)

Since I began this in '94 I have basically strayed three times. Once several years ago I became sick. I won't go into the reasons why I thought maybe it was an important act for me to at least try eating flesh one more time, so I did. I bought and prepared a dish that had fish as the central part. I ate it.

Then, nearly 2 years ago in September and for a different reason altogether (besides health) I tried sushi for the first time in my life. Then, several months after that and for still yet an altogether different reason, I ate sushi again.

That's it, or as a little boy (Jeremy) I knew long ago used to say, "Fort-Pitt, that's it." I have no idea what that means but when he used to say it it would always cause me to grin... it seemed like a cute phrasing of words I suppose and it always made him seem somehow so innocent as he said it :)

So, for 21 years I have been vegetarian and with a few times of me even trying to be vegan, but always failing. Now a couple of those tries did last a few months, but in the end I always capitulated and went back to the "ovo" thing. I absolutely refuse to type that full word again... ever!

I suppose if I live to retirement (I still have a couple of years to go) I will then try to be vegan full time, as I should have more time to prepare a lot of my own foods.

Well, I guess (for me) that's the news that is news so I will stop this now. I hope all who reads this has a good day.

I will leave you with a great saying I just remembered. I saw it somewhere (bumper sticker, tee shirt, etc.) a few years ago: "Vegetarian -- prehistoric name for bad hunter."

HAHAHAHAHA I thought it was hilarious! Of course, it might not really be that funny but I think that sometimes I'm just easily amused.