Saturday, July 26, 2014


Saturday July 26, 2014 11:11 pm

First, I had no intention before yesterday of stopping my "dare" until I had completed it, and I was probably no more than 10 days (two weeks at the most) from doing it. However, something happened yesterday that suddenly made it seem more wrong than fun so I quit it and because of that I am again writing on my blog.

I  had a nice day today and that was followed by a very hard downpour this evening and a great summer rain! A little ago I was shopping at Kroger's and as I was crossing the lot the rain was warm that was splashing on my feet... I was wearing sandals. I guess because the day was so very hot that the parking lot was superheated and the falling rain which was forming puddles was as warm on my feet as bathwater... it was fun :)

Also, about an hour ago I saw the largest, widest, and longest sustained lightning bolt I have ever seen... it was huge! I love storms... and especially if I have any reason to feel especially good anyway: otherwise, depending on whatever is taking place in my life the same type of storm can make me feel very sad as well; but not this night! This storm and the rolling thunder I'm hearing outside my window as I type this I like it very much!

I hope any and all who might read this has a great evening and a fun rest of the weekend... and especially I wish this for any out there who might read this and if you happen to be one of the very few I have left to me in this world that I truly love... I wish you well!!!!!!!