Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sunday September 14, 2014 9:23 am

I did not intend to write anything today... my thought was simply to upload what I had previously typed? Also, I intended to be somewhere in the woods hiking today: instead, we are over at the old house finishing packing for a truck I am renting in the morning. So, as before, it seems that what I usually intend I am not able to do: this time it is both in writing and hiking.

Twice this week I sat down and wrote for an hour or so collecting my thoughts for what I had wanted to type for this day; yet, two times after reading over what I had carefully and thoughtfully wrote... I simply deleted. Therefore, anyone who reads this blog will not be reading certain things I have learned the hard way about relationships, loves, and life in general.

As an aside, I won't be able to write anything else until AT&T comes out to our new house and installs the Internet. I am planning on calling them tomorrow and setting it up. However, I'm not sure when they will be out? So, please take care until the next time we meet... here, on my blog.

To any who might stop by and read... I hope you have a really good day!