Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Tuesday November 17, 2015 5:38 pm

Most of today while at work I was thinking about life in general, but I also had specific thoughts as well. Anyway, I was wondering how much of last year I lived a completely wasted life!

I honestly struggled to find even one specific instance where I did anything that really mattered? Then I had a thought... a series of thoughts really: hence my title, "235." I offer my somewhat sardonic thoughts on how I can prove this last year wasn't totally wasted... now, onto my proof!

In this past calendar year I have done the following:

I watched three complete seasons of Sherlock, with Cumberbatch. Now, that might seem like a complete waste, right? If you said, yes, I would normally agree, but what if I learned something from it, would that make a difference?

I learned that a know-it-all, even if you really do know-it-all, it doesn't make for a pleasant person.

In addition, I watched all 44 episodes of, The Killing. A waste, you say, but what if I learned something from it?

I learned how to kill people... and get away with it! Apparently this homicidal cop did not know that when you kill scores of people you need to bury the bodies! You do not just scatter them around like wind-blown chaff.

I watched 70 episodes of Poirot. Again I learned from it.

I learned a man can not walk like a pansy, dress like a pansy, and talk like a pansy, without... surprise! People thinking you are a pansy!

I watched all 43 episodes of Longmire ( a series I would highly recommend) and I learned something. Well, really I kind of knew this all along it's just that watching this series solidified that knowlege.

I learned that Katee Sackoff is not, I say again, NOT a good looking woman!

Now to my title... 235. Yesterday I finished episode 235 of the series Friends. All ten season watched in 22 minute episodes: watching without commercials is great!

As before, I learned something.

In season 4 there was an episode where Ross showed something he did when he wanted to tell someone to stuff it but he didn't want them to actually know what he was doing? Anyway, I have now used that on a few occasions while driving whenever anyone makes me mad. It is something that requires the use of both hands to do it right... but no worries, whenever I have had to employ this sign I just temporarily drive with my knees.

So, not only did I learn something useful I also have used it in my daily life, now that can't be all bad... can it?

Besides, a lot of the shows I have watched I have done so during the time that normal people sleep. So, not so bad a year... right :)