Thursday, November 10, 2016


Thursday November 10, 2016 12:40 pm

I am not the one who typically writes Christmas cards... my wife does that. In fact, the last time I personally did that was Christmas 2000. At that time I only wrote and mailed three.

1. Monica Lewinski... I wished her a merry Christmas and thanked her for saving the 'evidence.'

2. Janet Reno... I wrote that she was a sinful, lost, predatory lesbian, and I wished her nothing but heartache for the remainder of her life. But, I thanked her for her insane decision to force an innocent young boy (Elian Gonzales) back to the Communist country: Cuba.

(The reason that was so important to me was that approximately 15% of Cuban Floridians refused to vote for democrats in 2000 that had voted for democrats in 1996. And if you follow elections at all you know the razor-thin margin President Bush won the state of Florida... and without that win he would have never been President.)

3. Ralph Nader... I thanked him for running a campaign with zero chance of actually winning, but, I thanked him for draining votes from Al Gore.

(Those three people were crucial in causing Al Gore to Lose and George Bush to win in 2000. So, I mailed Christmas cards to them.)

This year there are six cards I'm mailing... without these principal characters and the roles they played: the "deplorable" Clinton (in or out of a basket) would have been POTUS. Thank God though that this year it is President elect Trump!

The first name on my list is the main reason President elect Trump is at this very minute visiting Obama at the White House to begin the peaceful transition of power. (The first name on this list is my political hero.)

1. Julian Assange...  I will wish him a hearty and merry Christmas and I will thank him for exposing the cesspool of the inner workings of the democrat party. (I am including his address in case anyone who reads this would like to mail him a Christmas or thank you card.)

Julian Assange
C/O Embassy of Ecuador
flat 3b, 3 Hans Crescent
London sw1xols

2. Charles Delavan... He is not as well known as Julian but he was instrumental in causing the democrats to be exposed. It was this man who gave the okay to a Podesta aide to click on a link and change Podesta's password.

(YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! It was this ruse the hackers used to get into Podesta's private email system and then those emails were forwarded to my hero (Assange) to disperse.)

3. James Comey... I hated his weakness in not asking for an indictment of Hillary: however, he is just a man and he was greatly pressured by the liberal Obama white house and the ultra liberal AG Lynch to not ask for an indictment. (Of course Obama and Lynch are his bosses.)

Comey's heartfelt merry Christmas from me will be because he ended up doing right, and just days before the election he sent a letter to Congress that Clinton's email investigation was back on the table. Any person who follows politics saw her polling lead drop significantly in the days following that letter.

(The next three are all creeps, and each have a baby-killing mentality. So, they will receive a card from me but with no good wishes. The following three cards are more of a thumb-in-the-eye to these three losers. Yet, each in their own way helped to elect Donald Trump.)

4. Huma Abedin... She gets a card from me and not just because she married the creepy Weiner... her card from me is deserved because her private emails ended up on Weiner's server. This is a direct violation of federal law and she should have protected those. So, I will be thanking her for being stupid, and or inept.

5. Anthony Weiner... I will use some of the same words in his card I did for Reno... wishing him no good forever. However, he is also very important to Mr. Trump being elected because without the FBI investigating him Mr. Comey would not have unleashed the very important October-surprise against Hillary.

6. John Podesta... Greasy, slimy, horrible man... yet, his role was vital in not only hiring IT staff that apparently are as non-savvy on computers as I am; but in writing and saving emails that exposed democrats true thoughts of the electorate they are supposed to serve? I especially liked the email stating liberal democrats were to infiltrate Christian churches and try and subvet their long-held conservative beliefs.

Keep in mind according to the Bible that is EXACTLY how satan works... "certain men crept in unawares..." Of course that is why I believe the democrat party is chock-full of those who closely follow the devil.

So, that will be my Christmas mailing list for 2016.

GO TRUMP!!!!!!!