Friday, June 20, 2014


Friday June 20, 2014 9:09 pm

I wonder how old a person has to be before they stop accepting dares? At least for me (apparently) 58 is not old enough :) I'm not exactly sure (even though I keep playing the conversation over in my mind) how temporarily stopping writing on my blog came into this dare? I think it was to expedite the completion of the dare, but I'm not completely certain? At first I didn't accept, even though it was an offhand comment of mine that initiated the dare in the first place. I initially declined, and not because I didn't think I would enjoy the challenge and neither was it because I thought I couldn't do what was dared. I both wanted to comply... and I felt I would be up to it!!! BUT... I wasn't sure about the length of time I was given as I have other obligations in my life as well. So, it isn't like I can devote all my time to this... even though that sounds great! Nevertheless, here it is!

One week ago today the 'darer' (…..) made their dare: I, (Robin) the 'daree' refused :) Then the stakes were upped and I was given a “double dog dare” followed by a smirk! I wanted to make sure this person knew what a double dog dare meant? If memory served me, and it usually does, then that would mean that this person who dared me (and if I accomplished the dare) would also have to perform the same dare that I did. Without batting an eye this person said they both could do it and would look forward to it: so... game on!!! Although, in truth, it is impossible for it to be EXACTLY the same dare we both are doing I think it will be near enough alike to count?

Therefore I will be taking a break, hiatus, leave of absence, or whatever word or phrase best fits in the interim between this post and when I next write. I was informed only this afternoon that tomorrow... the fun can commence!!!!!!!

This contest is in a sense open ended... meaning that I now have a starting time but not exactly an ending time: and because of that I'm not altogether sure when I will write my next blog: but it WILL NOT be until I finish and win this double dog dare! (Even in small things like this I can be competitive and am greatly looking forward to beginning!)

Until I write again I hope all who reads this has fun in all that they do!