Saturday, August 29, 2015


Saturday August 29, 2015 6:52 pm

A few years ago I heard a comedian say that before FB he used to wonder what his friends were doing? Since FB he now knows whenever they go to the refrigerator to get a glass of milk. Lol

With that simple thought in mind, knowing something inane about a person who writes a sometimes blog... I'll tell you something about my day.

I closed last night and opened this morning, at work we call these scheduling anomalies, 'clopens.' Usually I don't mind so much because by opening I get off work sooner and I had several things I needed to get done around here. Anyway, I came home about 3:15 and had an early dinner while watching something on tv and then I leaned back on the couch and fell soundly asleep.

Have you ever woke up and you aren't completely sure where you are, and it takes a few minutes to get things sorted out in your mind, unless that's just me? (I hate having a thought that at first blush seems normal to me and then wondering what if I'm not normal at all and that thought is completely abnormal!)

Oh well, that's me... and thus far that has been my day. Now, do you understand why I opened with the thought expressed by a certain comedian about knowing small things about people he once knew... and things that are of no importance whatsoever.

If you have taken the time to read this far let me give you a staggering thought. You, and you know who you is, right? I mean, whoever the person is who is reading this is you. You, my friend, have just wasted a few minutes of your precious life that you are never getting back! I suppose I ought to feel badly about that... I mean, after I read what I just wrote I paused a few seconds in my chair and tried to make myself feel badly for wasting your time. But, “nope,” I don't. I know I'm probably supposed to care, but, I just don't.

I do have a couple of days coming up in a couple of weeks that is troubling me, even though I try not to think about them. Telling myself though not to think about them only causes me to think about them more.

You know, like telling a person to NOT picture a pink elephant wearing a green tutu. Does it work, no! S***, now all I can think about is a pink elephant wearing a green tutu! I mean, my mind is now filled with pink elephants, (yep, now there are many more than just one) and every one of them are wearing green tutu's.... CRAP, now all of mine are dancing, and wearing red nail polish on their huge toenails! And one of them is giving me the finger... I've got to stop this!

I hope you, whoever you is... is having a good day.